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Slider Carousel

Insert as many slides as you wish into the slider carousel. The slider carousel is powered by the free Flexslider plug-in. Easily switch between slide and fade mode with the integrated shortcode parameters.

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Classes Carousel

Display scheduled classes with the classesCarousel shortcode. Past scheduled classes get automatically filtered out so customers are always viewing the next upcoming scheduled class.

    No scheduled classes were found.

News Posts

Display news posts anywhere throughout your page. Display up to a maximum of 3 posts and control the order in which they appear using the shortcode parameters.

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Staff Profile

Display staff member profiles anywhere throughout your page with the staffProfile shortcode. Choose which member profile to display by simply passing in the post id into the id parameter.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.

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Uğurcan Önem

Personal Training

Panels Carousel

The panels carousel is great for interactive presentations and you can insert as many panels as you wish through the Redux framework.

Client Carousel

The client carousel is great for displaying client logos or brand logos. In our demo we are displaying several fitness brands and each logo in the carousel is fully interactive.

Event Posts

Display events anywhere throughout your page with the eventItems shortcode. Past events get automatically filtered out so customers are always viewing the next upcoming event.

No scheduled events were found.